CRM doesn’t have to be hard. It just has to be good. Our award-winning specialist CRM division make the whole cycle simple, practical and very effective. From a systematic, impartial review of what your organisation needs to a rigorous assessment of your existing customer data, we will create customer segmentations that give real insight and drive sales.

Data Strategy

Speed is always of the essence. It’s why our senior team work with every client, swiftly addressing practical issues around Single Customer View, data quality, and motivation-based segmentation. The result is that our average turnaround time from brief to campaign launch is less than six weeks, with tangible upswings often seen just weeks after launch.

Increasing Sales

Our process is designed to boost your revenue. Straightforward, flexible and robust, we’ve successfully applied it to such clients as Marks & Spencer, Regus, Asics, Virgin, McCain and Travelodge. We always measure what we deliver, and consistently exceed targets. Indeed, Marks & Spencer saw an 11% increase in CRM sales in just under 90 days.

CRM Training

We will help your in-house team get more out of your CRM. Our client training is highly rated and seen as an industry standard. We lead eCRM training at the Institute of Direct Marketing and teach CRM strategy to MBAs and Master students at Hult International Business School.

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