2016 Social Media Moments

Posted: December 15, 2016

2016 is coming to a close, and what a whirlwind year it’s been. Without going there with the politics, the global upheavals, the iconic celebrities we have lost (ok, so I went there a little,) we’ve rounded up the key social media moments for that all-important Christmas/New Year pub chat.


  1. 1. Live video – If you’ve ever experienced a live music event but spent the majority of it glued to your phone recording videos like a crazed film director that you’ll most likely never watch again, now you can share that with all of your Facebook friends in real time to make them jealous that they didn’t get tickets. Then, Facebook will save and share your video as it does any other content. Facebook’s TV campaign also demonstrates how keen it is for us to embrace live video for more mundane life moments, as well as amazing experiences. Instagram has just opened out live streaming to its US users this week. Expect more mass adoption in 2017.


  1. 2. WhatsApp encrypted messages – Without getting all Edward Snowden here, when the world’s most widely used messaging network adopted end-to-end encryption earlier this year; it made a big statement. Its new owners Facebook took huge steps to protect its users’ privacy, to a greater degree than any other messaging apps. For now, at least…


  1. 3. Stories spread from Snapchat to Instagram – Ah, stories – once reserved for Snap-happy brands/users with too much time on their hands/the Kardashians – rolled out across Instagram this summer. But Instagram was totally NOT copying ok? Whatever, documenting 24 hours of your life in video/image format with the option to add filters/text/emoji has proved popular for Instagram and breathed a new lease of life into Insta content for brands that may have previously struggled with Snapchat’s quirkiness.


  1. 4. We said farewell to Vine this autumn, Twitter announced that it was dismantling its Vine app after 4 years and more than 40 million short videos. With ‘Viners’ playing a role in influencing so many communities, from music to fashion, this content will continue to exist in an online archive for the moment.


  1. 5. Social advertising came into its own – 2016 was the year that brands finally realised social spend was here to stay. With Instagram opening up its advertising options to all brands and businesses and Snapchat adding ads to its platform once and for all, now social advertising is an essential part of any content strategy.


  1. 6. Pokemon GO entered our lives – We can’t talk about social media in 2016 without addressing the Charmander in the room, aka Pokemon GO. The game was a hit with adults and kids alike, spawned new communities and brought virtual reality to mainstream attention again. With the creation of the Global Virtual Reality Association this month, we can’t wait to see where VR goes in 2017.