The dreaded creative block

Posted: November 22, 2012

Like a monster in the shadows, creative block lurks around the studio floor, ready to prey on a fast-approaching deadline, a tired creative, or a bad brief. Can we tame the beast? Can we make him our fun-loving, inspirational pet?

Don?t show him your idea-less vulnerabilities, he preys on empty space. Grab anything, everything within your reach, and explore every idea you can think of.

Your team are your comrades, all fighting the same battle as you. In most cases, the luxury of time is not on your side, so inspiration needs to be hunted down. Find your quiet corners, explore your online worlds and listen to your favourite albums. Depend on each other?s talents, rely on each other?s experiences and if all else fails, burn your pants!

Sometimes good ideas become great, and sometimes great ideas even become awe-inspiring. Don?t be precious about your thoughts. Throw them out there, get them hurled back at you within an inch of your life, pull yourself together and throw what?s left out there again. Share, collaborate and don?t be afraid to pull things apart, asking ridiculous questions along the way.

Once you have that great idea, you can make anything happen. The monster will be purring at your feet, waiting in anticipation for the little scrap of pure genius you might toss its way.

Dan Lindley, Design Director, Gratterpalm