CreativeRace presents ‘Thirsty For Brand Success’

Posted: February 10, 2017

Last night, we hosted an exclusive event at The Tetley in Leeds, ‘Thirsty for Brand Success.’ An hour of insight was presented by our chairman, Gordon Bethell, Strategy Director, Nick Hoadley and Creative Director, Steve Chetham, who each discussed a different marketing topic. We also treated our guests to Yorkshire-themed tapas dishes and bespoke cocktails, delivering thought-provoking marketing insight with a little bit of indulgence along the way!

Our expert design and artwork teams developed the branding that was used across each piece of collateral, from the invitations to our carefully designed CreativeRace cocktail menus.

Hosted in the characterful setting of The Tetley’s Boardroom, we were delighted to host our current clients, as well as guest from brands such as Booths, Nexus, PureGym and The Alchemist.

Our Chairman, Gordon, kicked off the talks by discussing the role of emotion in the most powerful marketing campaigns today, as brands battle it out for our attention – and shared insights based in neuroscience that help to explain our behaviours.

Next up was Strategy Director, Nick, who explained his Buying Barriers concept. This focuses on how brands can use insight to pinpoint the reasons why a customer might not be purchasing your product or service, and then creatively overcome them.

Last but certainly not least, our Creative Director, Steve Chetham, discussed the creation and execution of a great idea. He exemplified this with pieces of his own work, which included several iconic campaigns.

Thank you to our guests, speakers and our hosts, The Tetley.

This event is the first in a series that we’ll be running across the year. We’ll keep you updated with details of our upcoming events – the next topic will be digital. You can watch the full event below.