A private firework display

Posted: November 4, 2016

By Julian Calderara

If money were no object, you could indulge your greatest fantasies.

You could pay for Justin Timberlake or Beyoncé to come and give you a private gig in your own home.

You could invite Glenda Jackson to deliver her King Lear (she’d say no, of course).

And if you had a big enough house you could book The London Philharmonic to play your private birthday party.

What about a firework display? You could put one on just for you, that no one else can witness…

Doesn’t really appeal, does it?

Because without a big audience, none of these things has the same impact.

Content is only part of communication.

In fact the larger the audience the more powerful the experience is.

It’s one reason that the spots on the US Superbowl sell for a disproportionately large sum of money.

Something to remember in an industry that’s become so obsessed with content that it often forgets that the media environment is important.

500 hours of content is uploaded to YouTube every minute so there’s no limit to content.

We shouldn’t be adding to that mountain in the vain hope it will be spotted.

We need to be just as concerned with reaching an audience.