Caravan and Motorhome Club

With over 1 million members, communications needed to inspire many different customer types to make the most of their Club membership whilst attracting new members to the joys of a touring holiday.


Tourers love the great outdoors and the freedom their caravan/motorhome gives them. Facilities are important, but quality wise they are a given and not what inspires tourers to book their next outdoor adventure. It’s the regions and the activities available that are drivers of bookings.


‘Open your door to the great outdoors’

We turned the camera around – no more photos of white caravans or motorhomes; instead just the beauty of the countryside and the activities members can explore.
We classified 2,500 sites into interests we knew would appeal – from active adventuring to cultural gems.


The 2017 touring season is being supported by a comprehensive communication programme across print, email, web & social channels – advance bookings are already up year on year.